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Dave who?

David Maynard, Host

Fishing Across America

Dave grew up in the Florida Keys. Born in 1959, he learned to fish about the same time as he learned to walk. If his mom couldn’t find him, it was a good bet that his fishing rod was missing, too. Dave’s love of sport fishing began with his catching snapper, grouper, sharks and barracuda on the mangrove flats of Biscayne Bay.

Marriage brought Dave to Colorado where he learned the subtle art of fly fishing for skittish trout. In spite of having to have a real job building custom homes and developing land, he always carried a rod with him in case he passed some interesting water. His goal one year was to fish at least two-hundred days, even if he only had time for a couple of casts. Through the years he has been fishing in Mexico with his two children, Colorado and Kansas with his friends and has been a trophy trout guide in Wyoming.

After years of building homes, office buildings and hotels, Dave finally decided he was too serious about real estate and not serious enough about fishing. He entered a B.A.S.S. invitational  bass tournament and started meeting all kinds of fishing enthusiasts. On the way to the ICAST show in Vegas Dave met a producer for Fishing Across America TV and invited him to trout fish in Wyoming. A few months later they were pulling Rainbows from Horse Creek and swapping stories (lies) about past catches. As time went on he asked Dave if he would be interested in hosting the show.

Now Dave is happily building less and fishing more all over the world. These past seasons have found him in the Amazon, Africa, Sweden, Mississippi, Mexico, Louisiana and Wyoming.  With all that travel Dave feels he can easily lie about any kind of fish from anywhere on the planet!

Dave lives near Denver Colorado with the best catch of his life, Mary, who lured him in some 30 years ago!


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