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the golden ghost

Just suffered a new setback in my struggle with T.A.S., Terminal Angler Syndrome.  I have been trying half heartily for years to catch a carp on fly but really got serious this past week (July 26,2010).  I’m writing it down in the thought that it may help someone in the future to come up with a diagnosis and protocol to combat this devastating disease.  Securing the proper flies and equipment, a small crawdad pattern fly and G*Loomis 5wt. Max Line Speed rod with Abel reel in Brown trout color, I set out to stick my first Golden Ghost.  I knew of some fish in the Platte River in downtown Denver and set off to find the fish i had  located the day before.  As things turned heavy rains turned the Platte to chocolate milk and flows were up 12-15″ over the day before.  Grabbing my iPhone4 I quickly started to search for a pond nearby to try and head off being skunked for the day.  About 10 minutes South of my location there was a nice piece of water in a city park and it had a bunch of Carp i the clear water.   Grabbing my rod was useless though as the fish were not interested at all in my offerings and spooked almost without provocation.  I needed some different water, muddy water but not as muddy as the river! A bit farther South again I located a few golf course ponds (private…dangit!), then hit a nice lake about 75 acres that had low water with nice sandy “beaches” all the way around.  Carp were rooting around the edges in the weeds and making my first cast I stripped the fly to 3″ in front of the first fish.  He hammered it!  Not exactly what I was expecting from a bottom feeder, “non” game fish and the power was incredible.  The rest of the afternoon saw 3 more fish up to 15 pounds fall to the fly but I had probably cast to 50!  These are an amazing fish if you can get over the stereotype of “trash fish”.  Extremely spooky, the carp is a formidable quarry for the “discriminating” angler looking for a new challenge!  Just when you thought it was safe to drive by all that muddy water!  I’m hooked on the Golden Ghost….


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