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Sperry SON-R’s not afraid of a little mud!

Sperry SON-R’s not afraid of a little mud!

I don’t mind get a bit dirty or even muddy  if necessary …for a good cause!   Sperry just sent the Hobie Fishing Team some new SON-R water shoes to try out and I was worried that as “water shoes” they might not like the  conditions I was subjecting them to!!! Boy was I wrong …mine have actually become my Carping shoe of choice …in the mud!

As you guys know (or should know) I a huge sight fisherman.  Not on a stature basis but on the passion basis!  Nothing gets me going more than to SEE a fish, CAST to a fish and WATCH them eat!!! Good thing my mother and grandmother are long gone as I would sell them both for an afternoon of sight fishing!

As my large fish options are limited somewhat in Colorado and I’m not traveling to Baja currently for the other show “Fish the Baja” my best choice to get my arms ripped off is Carp on the fly.  Ok  wait, don’t hang up or quit reading or whatever until you give Carp a try for yourself.  

This is the “DarkSide” of fly fishing that you only talk about with committed buddies similarly infected.  Most of my trout friends look at me like I’ve taken leave of my senses and fact is they are correct!!! I am totally obsessed with catching MONSTER Carp on the fly.  It has become my drug of choice to deal with a new extreme flare up of T.A.S. For those of you not familiar with T.A.S. (Terminal Angler Syndrome) see the web page at this link for an explanation of this very widespread disease! [  ]  

Stalking Carp in a few ponds and the S.Platte River in downtown Denver has become a weekly if not more activity with me (is my wife reading this!).  This much maligned fish is very picky, spooky, skittish yet very formidable a foe on the fly rod!  Ones over 20 pounds are not uncommon in the waters of Colorado, and probably your home waters as well.  Big Carp are even more difficult as they become quite wary as they age and even more so of a sloppy or splashy presentation.  Crawdad patterns like Umpqua’s Golden Rag Stone or Dave Whitlock’s ‘Near ‘Nuff are fantastic patterns and can be attached to 10 or 12lb leader if the water is not too clear.  I like to think of them as Rocky Mtn. Bonefish and they can rip drag with the power of a Bull redfish to boot!!!

 So give “Carpin” a try in a pond near your home and see if you don’t agree that they are a grossly unappreciated game fish!!!  Don’t work about getting a bit muddy …you can clean up when you get home!!!  …the SON-R’s seem to have adapted quite well to their new environment!


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  1. I like fly tying when the off months has arrived. Out of the diverse and different designs of fly tying patterns I have a preference for the Adams Parachute Fly probably the most. It is the most stable throughout heavy currents and also maintains visibility in the water. We have used it within the river bed along with the lake nearby and currently have been very happy about it.

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