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Oil Spill Update!

Oil Spill Update!

I just got off the phone with Allen Welch of Hooked Up Charters.  The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has shut down the fishing off the Delta starting this past Monday, May10, 2010 at 10:00AM.  Allen was out on a charter with customers and didn’t find out until he returned to the Venice Marina.  As far as what Allen is seeing, there is very little if any oil in the marsh.  He drove film crews around for several days and tried to find some oil for them but was unable to…that’s good news for we anglers!  Mostly the East side of the River is closed to fishing, Allen said, as BP is using a chemical to disperse the oil that may be toxic. The fishing on the other hand was excellent!  A limit of trout was very easy to get, and that’s 25 fish per person and Allen reported Redfish were EVERY cast!!! The LDWF says the closure is for an indefinite period of time…perhaps until the end of the year.  Dang It!  There goes Tarpon season in August!


5 Responses to “Oil Spill Update!”

  1. Yun Dargie says:

    im using the pfluger trion gx-7 spinning rod/reel combo and the rod says up to 12lb line but the reel has 4,6 and 8lbs line. does this mean i can only use up to 8lbs? i’d like to bump it up to atleast 10 maybe 12 because i keep snapping the line casting spinner baits. i’m new to fishin and this is my first setup and i’ve lost atleast 10 spinner baits this year from my line snapping when i cast.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for writting about your fishing reel. A rod or reel rating is a guide to get you started but it is perfectly ok to use heavier line on smaller rods and reels. I commonly use 18lb braided line on a reel that is rated at 6 lbs! Remember that when you ” over line” a rod or reel you risking damaging it easier so take care not to stress them beyond what they are designed for. Let me know how it works. Thanks, Dave

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